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  • Growth hacking and creative marketing ideas for mechanical engineering industry

    Discover the best growth hacking and creative marketing ideas for the mechanical engineering industry. If you want to know how to implement growth hacking methodology for the mechanical engineering sector, you're in the right place. Marketing campaigns and experiments focused on increasing the number of new projects and contracts, the best-known campaigns from the most creative coaches in the world and the key implementation of growth methodology.

    Go to the core

    Engineering is in charge of solving problems. What problems does it solve? Focus on the true value proposition and the problem that you are going to solve for your consumer, forgetting technicalities and data that may be important in the industry but not for the buyer.

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    Mixing professionalism with proximity can be the key

    Creating the perfect mix of professionalism and proximity can be key to business. Explaining a methodology and tools that show professionalism with a close and close tone are often a perfect mix for the more technical industries.

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    Design a strong branding and web

    Although having good branding can be very obvious to a large number of companies, B2B businesses that are in the more technical or scientific field have not yet implemented it. That is why it is a very powerful point from which to start standing out above the competition.

    Sergio Lopez Sergio Lopez

    Run a podcast with authorities in your sector

    Ravacan is a exceptionaly growing startup. One of the actions it makes to achieve growth is to run a series of podcasts with authorities in it´s sector. By doing this they attract potential clients increasing the chances of them purchasing the product.

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    Let your clients book your product

    Allow your customer to reserve your product instead of waiting for it to be finished. This way you will have customers the same day it goes on sale.

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    Show your success stories

    Preddio Technologies is a start up that has managed to grow substantially in recent years. One of their strategies to get more customers is to show their greatest successes. On the website they show how thanks to their products several companies have been able to solve their problems and save several thousands of dollars per month.

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    Show your mission

    Carnot is a company that has designed a more efficient and cleaner technology capable of reducing CO2 consumption. On their website they show their commitment to the environment and how their product can help to preserve it. In this way they are able to capture those people who are concerned with environmental issues.

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    Improve people's lives

    Existo is a company that sells a device capable of grasping objects for people with lack of mobility in their hands. To show the usefulness of their product, they show how several people have improved their lives, being able to perform tasks that they could not perform before.

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    Show the benefits your customer will get

    Carnot is a company that has designed a more efficient and cleaner technology capable of reducing CO2 consumption. On their website they show their commitment to the environment and how their product can help to preserve it. In this way they are able to capture those people who are aware of the care of the environment.

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    Show your projects around the world

    If you are an international company with projects in several countries show where you have worked. This allows the client to see your projects and locate you as well as giving a great brand image.

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    Let your customers speak for you

    There are sectors in which it is more common to be disappointed with the service than in others. Therefore, if you belong to one of these sectors it is essential that you clearly show the positive ratings of your customers. This will reassure potential customers to choose your services over your competitors.

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    Show your clients

    If there are prestigious companies in the sector that hire your services, show it to your potential clients. In this way your services will have a greater recognition.

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    Show usage scenarios

    A good way to explain to our potential customers the usefulness of our product is to show how it solves common problems in the industry. This way each customer can see how it could solve their own problems.

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    Explain how your product works

    If your product is innovative, you will need to teach the buyer how to use it. Having detailed instructions on your website will allow the customer to be informed and solve their doubts before buying. They will also feel more confident because they will be able to solve doubts and consult the different functionalities thanks to the web page. Not having clear instructions could make you lose customers for fear of not using your product correctly.

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    Adapt to COVID

    The pandemic has radically changed the world we live in. Have you noticed any special demands from your customers, what aspects of your business have been most affected, what changes could you make to take advantage of the situation?

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    Position yourself as a better alternative

    If your product is a better solution compared to an existing one, compare it by explaining in detail in which aspects it is superior. If there is a product or service used extensively by the public you should use convincing arguments to get them to change it for yours.

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    Offers free checks

    Eargo is a company that sells hearing aids for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. This condition often goes unnoticed and unresolved. Eargo offers free screenings, so if someone discovers that they are indeed suffering from hearing loss, they can fix it by purchasing the product. This can be applied to any industry in which the customer is likely to be unaware of whether or not they have a problem.

    Sergio Sergio

    Muestra las características técnicas de tu producto

    En el sector de la ingeniería los datos son vitales. Muchos compradores tienen unas necesidades técnicas concretas y buscan productos que muestren claramente si las cumplen o no. No mostrar estos datos puede hacer que perdamos un cliente frente a un competidor que si los haya puesto

    Sergio Sergio

    Show the technical characteristics of your product

    In the engineering industry, data is vital. Many buyers have specific technical needs and are looking for products that clearly show whether or not they meet those needs. Failure to show this data can result in losing a customer to a competitor who has provided it.

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    All companies seek to grow and increase their economic benefits, so they apply methodologies such as growth hacking. Growth hacking consists of carrying out small experiments to validate or reject hypotheses. This avoids spending a significant amount of resources on projects without knowing what results will be obtained.

    To apply growth hacking in a mechanical engineering company it will be necessary to find out which are the key metrics of the business, i.e. those most related to its economic growth. Examples for the mechanical engineering industry would be: Number of projects contracted annually, average project price, number of contracts as a supplier, parts sold annually, production costs.

    In order for our business to thrive we will need these metrics to increase or decrease. It is not enough to seek to increase the number of projects contracted, we must formulate SMART objectives (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound). Increasing the number of projects contracted by 17% in one year would be an example of a SMART objective.

    Once we have set a series of SMART objectives, the next step is to devise growth drivers, hypothetical ways of achieving our objectives. We will measure their effectiveness through experiments.

    In the mechanical engineering sector, examples of drivers would be: advertising to companies, attendance at trade fairs, collaboration with public bodies, references from past clients...

    Engineering is a fairly traditional sector in which face-to-face dealings are highly valued. A client is more likely to choose a company because it has been recommended by a friend than for any other reason. It is a sector in which most companies know each other, so a good image is essential. On the other hand, this means that many companies devote very few resources to their online image and do not spend on online advertising.

    Do we manage to attract customers with online advertising?

    Is it a good untapped market or is it a waste of money?

    • How do we improve the company´s image to maximize the chances of referrals?
    • What is more important, product quality, fast order delivery, customer service?
    • Do we solve customer problems quickly?

    Answering questions like these by experimenting will allow us to learn what works and what does not. It is essential to record the lessons learned to discover what works and what doesn´t in order to progressively develop better growth strategies.

    Want to learn how to apply growth hacking to your engineering company? Sign up for Hypertry and request a one-on-one session.

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