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  • Growth hacking and creative marketing ideas for govtech business

    Discover the best growth hacking and creative marketing ideas for the govtech industry. If you want to know how to implement growth hacking methodology for your govtech business, you're in the right place. Marketing campaigns and experiments focused on increasing sales to the public administration, the best-known campaigns from the most creative coaches in the world and the key implementation of growth methodology.

    Explain the customer our function

    The young consumer is not always educated about what each document and bureaucratic process is. For this reason, explaining it to him in an entertaining way and telling him in one sentence what each documentation is and what he is filling in the data for can be useful as long as he knows what he is doing and therefore he will be more open.

    Sergio Lopez Sergio Lopez

    Appeal to ease

    Bureaucracy has never been made easy. Being dense, long and heavy, govtech startups have a key critical part there. That is why making an easy process and exposing said ease is something that can help break down many barriers and open a new market to which the consumer will be much more open.

    Sergio Lopez Sergio Lopez

    Appeal to ease

    When it comes to documentation, relying on a language and a visual resource through colors, images, iconography and symbols is most useful. We must never forget that today's consumer requires comfort, speed and agility.

    Sergio Lopez Sergio Lopez

    Does growth hacking apply to Govtech? Can the Govtech industry actually implement this methodology in order to increment benefits and grow

    Growth hacking is a new focus in the marketing field focused on company growth. Its objective is to quickly test ideas that can improve customer experience before investing a large quantity of resources, copy and expand ideas that work, and modify or abandon those that don’t. 

    First, we start selecting the metrics to measure growth of our Govtech corporation. Key metrics should always be the best ones at delivering growth to your Govtech, like time spent by each user in public administration procedures or number of potential clients who know about our company.

    Once we know which metrics are the most important ones, it is time to set goals. Goals should be SMART, and these are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely. An example of a goal would be to achieve a 10% increase in digital users in three months, another could be to solve 20% of system inefficiencies in the digital system in half a year.

    Think of goals as increasing, or decreasing your key metrics in a  period of time

    If we already know what brings us growth, which are the most important KPIs and also, what are the SMART goals related to them, it is time to focus on growth drivers. Growth drivers are methods to achieve our goals, and we will validate or reject them through small campaigns, called experiments.

    Govtech is committed to digitizing public administration through innovation. Citizens need to regularly implement various regular procedures with public administration, from city halls and local companies to national or regional procedures related to taxes and subsidies.

    We have to ask ourselves, 

    • where should we focus then to achieve these objectives
    • Can we with our methods make the government abandon the traditional system?
    • How do we show that we are a more solid alternative to the inefficiencies and slowness of the obsolete traditional administrative system?

    Reducing process time could be a source of revenue, but how could we achieve this? Perhaps with investment in an IT department. Knowing that now of the 5+ hours we spend on the internet per day 56% is on our mobile phone, the key could be improved accessibility for smartphones. This is something we could find out through small scale testing!

    On the other hand maybe we can embrace simplicity. The audience reads 8 words per slide on average. If you want to get attention, you need to explain what your company does and why you want to do it quickly and efficiently. How can we implement  this in the most effective way?

    Apart from this we have to know what is the content that our users are looking for taking advantage of visual marketing tactics. Asking ourselves:

    • Is this digital content useful to attract potential clients?
    • Should we invest in digital content to attract investment from our public?
    • Are they interested in short or long videos, is it important if the video has a good sound quality or the viewer prefers just to read a text?
    • Where should we implement these videos?

    All these and more questions are what we have to answer to find the right marketing strategy, answering them from small tests that allow us to have a global vision of the most important thing: What can make us GROW.

    Finally we should write down what we have learned. Learnings are essential to document in order to know what worked in the past and what to avoid repeating. You should have a regular feedback cycle and track your learnings consistently.

    Want to know more about how to apply growth hacking to your Govtech business? Sign up for Hypertry and ask for a one to one session! 


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