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  • Growth hacking and marketing ideas for accountants

    Discover the best growth hacking and marketing ideas from accounting firms, individual accountants, and accounting freelancers. The best marketing and sales campaigns, the viral campaigns and experiment of the most growth advanced companies specialized in accounting.

    Use everyday questions to give powerful answers

    EY is one of the leading accounting firms, however, nowadays they focus on a great variety of services. The brand uses everyday questions to move powerful messages. Can you use similar metaphors to bring your brand closer to your clients?

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    Associate your imagery with your unique selling point

    Deloitte is a leading consulting company that is also one of the accounting "Big fours". Their imagery is impacts with simplicity but is also incredibly focused on what they bring to the table: client related problem solutions. Can you think of a similar strategy that could underline what your business brings to clients?

    Natalia Natalia

    KPMG makes a difference through powerful statements

    KPMG, one of the big four in accounting, knew they needed to articulate their higher purpose. Extensive research, including hundreds of interviews, resulted in a new purpose statement: Inspire Confidence. Empower Change. Powerful statements needs powerful images and messages, and consulting is all about people. This is why KPMG decided to show the difference their people make on behalf of clients, communities, and society. Can you use your employees skills for your positioning?

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    Create visual checklists

    Asana uses OKRs vs KPIs as a checklist, a great way to position images and also share engaging content on social media. What list could you make related to your industry?

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    Use universally positive messages

    Cegid knows that there are universally positive messages, like a child's dreams, that will generate an impact on networks. It's a perfect way to dress up a product in a unique way (here: payroll). What do you think?

    Natalia Natalia

    Today, for most companies the Growth Hacker is considered an integral part of the digital marketing area. For accounting startups - as well as individual accountants - having a digital marketing team or professional growth hacking figure is vital; This allows them to acquire new customers and increase their business volume.

    Specifically when we talk about accounting firms, a key piece is to continue acquiring businesses in order to remain competitive.

    It is a common mistake to mistake a Growth Hacker for a consultant; however they are totally different figures. While this second tends more towards creating a strategy and indicating a direction, the Growth Hacker is someone who is involved in increasing profits and growing the business in an exponential way.

    Growth Hacking is a relatively new term in the business world and is based on a strategy that leads to business growth and higher profits through a cycle of experimentation and ideation of growth drivers. Therefore, a growth hacker is both a marketer and an expert in data-driven technology, using creativity and innovative strategies to achieve business growth.

    Is it possible to boost the growth of an accounting business using growth hacking techniques? Undoubtedly.

    One of the drivers - that is, of those key points whose optimization or modification is a growth opportunity - could be to provide more services. Check your services and find ways to extend them.

    • Are your clients asking about services that you don´t currently provide?
    • Are you making the most of your team´s skills?
    • In addition to accounting and tax services, can your business provide other related services, such as financial planning or consulting services?

    All of these could be potential sources of income for your accounting firm and important growth drivers.

    Another potential growth driver for your accounting business could be networking or Social Networks; For B2B cases, there is nothing better than LinkedIn. Create or update your profile on LinkedIn and connect your employees, business partners, customers, partners, etc. Avoid pushing sales too hard, try to be authentic, and create valuable conversations with your prospects.

    Once the drivers have been selected, an experimentation process is carried out. Said process is based on the execution of small actions - called experiments - that aim to activate said driver. Through the results of such experiments, it will be possible to validate or reject those growth drivers that you have chosen for your accounting business.

    Each time it is experimented, a record of the action carried out must be carried out together with the results and learnings. This will allow the creation of an important database for the future. At Hypertry it enables the best growth ideas for each industry so you can always find inspiration.

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