Q: What is the difference between Sprint Consulting and Team Management?

A: In Sprint Consulting you will have our consultant available for an hour every two weeks on what is a biweekly sprint review. We will review your experiments and learnings, suggest new experiments you can do and make sure that you don’t have any questions regarding the Hypertry platform. We will be sending you minutes from the meeting as well as helping you update the insights. There is no guaranteed support apart from these sessions, and all questions should be answered in this time frame.

In Team Management you have our consultant as a part of your team. There is a one month Immersion in which we dive deep in your business, interview your team, clients and prepare the setup. You start with Hypertry fully configured for your needs. We will be following your day-to-day, we will reply through email or Slack your questions within 24 hours and we will have a 1.5h weekly sprint meetings to ensure the alignment and the following of growth hacking methodology.

Q: Why is pricing of Team Management not transparent?

A: Team management has a one to one SLA adapted to your needs. The price will change depending on the size of your team or squads, the volume of work to gather the insights and the individual needs of every client.

Q: Do you do the execution of experiments?

A: No, we don’t run the experiments. We believe in enabling you and your team to learn from the experiments you run. We are always happy to bring you suggestions and help you on the way though. You will not be alone!

Q: What help can I expect from you on Sprint Consulting?

A: Sprint Consulting gives you a biweekly sprint review in which we review together your progress in terms of key metrics, we review experiments and drivers that can be validated or rejected and gather the learnings. We also suggest new experiments and share insights on tools and inspirations you can get. If you are stuck at something, we will try our best to help you solve whatever it is that blocks you.

Q: What is included in the chat support?

A: Chat support is to answer platform related questions around how Hypertry works, report problems or clarify the platform workflow. Chat support is not a one to one ondemand, consulting if you want specific ideas and insights for your business, you will need to go for Sprint Consulting or Team Management option.

Q: Can I get directly to Self-Success?

A: Yes! You can get directly to Self-Success however we recommend it only if you have previous knowledge of Growth Management or relevant training. In Hypertry we recommend GrowthHackingCourse. If you are looking for a similar training in English, contact us.

Q: Why don't I see the goals, drivers, campaigns, results nor the kanbanboard?

A: If you don’t see goals, drivers, campaigns, results nor the kanban board, it is probably because you haven’t asked for the advanced Hypertry version. Open the chat and ask us to enable it! It is, however, not available in the free version, but all packages from Self-Success include the extension.

Q: I need you to help me set up Facebook campaigns, will you do that in the Sprint Consulting version?

A: No, Sprint Consulting only includes experiments suggestions and bi-weekly sprint management.

Q: Q: What do you do in the Bi-weekly sprint management?

A: Biweekly sprint management starts with review of goals, what have been done to reach them, what can we do to reach them in the next sprints, what experiments have been done and what learnings we have related to these experiments from the past week.

We then focus on the fortnight at hand: what will be done, what ideas we have, what experiments we can design and deliver.

Q: What does it mean that Team Management has a dedicated Growth Manager?

A: It means that there is another person in your team, available for meetings with your team members that helps to manage your growth roadmap. Think about Team Management as your option for part-time, interim CMO / VP of Growth fully responsible for the success of your Growth Implementation!

Q: What could be the orientative pricing of the Team Management option?

A: The Team Management pricing starts at 2k a month and can get up to 12-15k a month, depending on the size of the team, amount of training included, responsibilities over results and SLA conditions.

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