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  • Why Does Everyone Want to Be a Growth Hacker?

    Startups need growth to snowball quickly. Many will turn to a traditional marketer for this outcome, but then find themselves disappointed with the results.

    Why? Because traditional marketing involves a broad focus. Growth hackers have only one concern: making decisions that solely focus on growing.

    This startup profile is coveted today because it changes the profile of a business. It focuses on the principles of scalability instead of repetition. Instead of trying to win customers over because there are goods and services to keep using, the growth hacker wants to keep converting new prospects.

    How to Become a Growth Hacker

    A growth hacker has a specific role to play in a startup, just as a traditional marketer can offer benefits. One is not better than the other.

    Growth hackers are coveted because they provide the initial burst of growth that can remove the uncertainty that exists in the first months or years of a startup’s existence. What you may not know is that anyone can develop the skills necessary to create results.

    Here’s what you would do.



    1. Create a product people want

    Growth won’t happen if a startup is selling something that no one wants. Collect feedback from your potential customers before releasing a product to avoid this issue.

    2. Be specific with your targeting

    Instead of trying to be everything to everyone, look at who your perfect customer will be with your startup. When you can identify the people who want your goods or services, then you have a specific market that can begin to grow.

    3. Acquire customers with passion

    There are three ways that a growth hacker converts prospects into customers: viral referrals, compelling experiences, and paid advertising.

    4. Remove the barriers to success

    Every step a prospect must take to become a customer increases the risk of abandonment. Growth hackers will look for ways to streamline the process so that qualified people become part of the startup’s community.

    Growth hacking is more than a buzzword. It is a substantial effort that focuses every bit of energy toward meaningful and specific increases in engagement, conversion, and retention. That is why everyone wants to see themselves and their startups in this role.