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  • How to get Growth Hacking ideas?

    Today there are a lot of growth hacking ideas on the net. We can find ideas

    reading success stories, looking for case studies about how currently powerful businesses grew,

    following growth blogs and of course following growth hackers and profiles

    most powerful growth managers in the sector.

    Reading stories, success stories, professional hacks and ideas that other people have had 

    can be very useful to develop our own business, since if a powerful idea that worked 10 years ago

    it can potentially work today too. However, what if the ideas we read are really outdated or already completely irrelevant?

    How can we have new ideas?

    To answer that question, it's worth taking a look back at when growth hacking  didn't even exist as a discipline and the first ideas of this kind were appearing.

    based on a framework for growth for startups in the face of a lack of capital. Therefore, in reality the true ideas of growth

    hacking arose as a result of limitation of resources where the most powerful tool the team had was creativity itself.

    Growth hacking ideas come to life thanks to creative thinking. When the mind sees

    limited resources, it turns on to a process called the creative process. In this process the

    mind develops a host of ways in which you can make the most of the

    few resources available, thus using those resources in the most efficient way,

    and try to reach your goals in unconventional ways.

    The strange thing about the creative process and the actual beauty of it that the mind only enters this mode when deprived of needed resources. Does that mean that then we have to face this situation to have new brilliant growth hacking ideas?

    No. But trying to think about how to achieve what we want with the least possible expense does work on its own and is a good method to generate new ideas.

    This doesn't only work with limited economical resources: the more barriers you have, the more creative you need to be.

    The ideas and subsequent actions of growth hacking are usually agile, ingenious, cunning and

    original. Let's look at these 4 characteristics separately:


    Agile ideas are those that are easily executed with ease and speed. A very

    important when looking for exponential growth and is in continuous experimentation is

    to prioritize execution over complexity. It is a best practice that each experiment and action of growth

    hacking does not consume a lot of resources, since it is

    just one of many experiments to be run for further testing. 

    Utility, functionality, efficiency and practicality are prioritized over perfection and



    Ingenuity is the ability to intelligently combine the knowledge that is possessed and the

    means at his disposal to obtain the best possible result. In other words, it is

    extract the maximum potential from every possibility that presents itself.

    Given the scarcity of capital and resources, ingenuity is very important when growing a business, and especially,

    a startup. It consists of thinking about how you can get the most out of each medium, channel,

    opportunity, investment, action, landing, copy and everything that is a part of your marketing stack.


    Sharp-wit is a growth hacking skill that consists of taking little paths

    stream and walk trails that most people do not even consider.

    To do this, you have to go outside the established parameters and paths; the rules are not followed

    by business standards, if not starting from a blank canvas where you have total freedom

    of performance. This characteristic is also typical of experimentation and is precisely what

    leading to different results.


    Accompanied with the rest of the characteristics, originality is the ability to devise ways that are

    uncommon and out of the norm. It consists of thinking differently and creatively and is 

    closely related to finding all the possibilities that each resource has given.

    Sharp-wit, ingenuity and originality are the characteristics that make new and creative ideas possible,

    and agility provides the ability to execute them quickly and efficiently.

    Thus, we can see that these 4 traits are what we must enhance when we want

    get new ways to grow our business. For creative thinking it is

    extremely important never set limits or barriers for oneself, never cross out any option -

    even if it seems impossible at first - and allow yourself to think of the most outlandish ideas that possibly

    exist. This is extremely important to enable our minds to generate little

    conventional ideas because, to think about unconventional things, the mind must be in a

    unconventional state and said state is the beginning of great ideation game.


    As a postscript for this post, we will give an extra tip that may seem link an obvious one but believe me, it it not. Many times the

    unconventional ideas that will allow us to grow are difficult to see because they

    are actually visible to the whole world. 

    We should not think that hacks are complex or far-fetched actions; on the contrary, they are

    simple and simplified actions whose main characteristic is that they do not conform to any

    methodology nor do they follow the parameters. Sometimes they are based just on common sense alone. On the contrary, being a

    discipline developed precisely by people so different to traditional businessmen, the

    growth hacking is characterized by simple, straightforward, direct and honest actions thought out and

    executed by people and that a traditional businessman would not think of.